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MICHAEL HORWOOD was born in Buffalo, New York, on May 24, 1947. He studied music composition at SUNY Buffalo with Lejaren Hiller, Lukas Foss, and Istvan Anhalt, receiving his Bachelor's and Master's degrees (1969, 1971). In 1971, he moved to Canada and from 1972-2003 was a professor of music and humanities at Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto. During the latter half of the 1970s, Horwood formed Convergence, an improvisation ensemble in which he played piano and percussion.

His compositions constitute a kaleidoscope of the traditional and the avant-garde spanning a wide variety of contemporary idioms. Among his most successful works are those involving extra-musical concepts.

From all the deliberate variety in Horwood's music, a few personal traits have tended to emerge. One is an acute sense of sonority, the knack of exploiting the unique ranges and timbres of his instrumental forces, whether in solo or combinations. This use of instrumental sound is occasionally coupled with an overt sense of theatricality or humor, even in his non-theatre works.

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At rehearsal [1], add a flat to the A in the first Vibes chord.
In the 4th bar of [11], add a flat to the Tuba's dotted half note.
On the downbeat of rehearsal [16], add a natural to the Tuba's G.

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