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WALTER S. HARTLEY (1927-2016) began composing at age 5 and was seriously dedicated to it by 16. All his degrees are from the Eastman School of Music and University of Rochester. Dr. Hartley's teachers included Howard Hanson, Bernard Rogers, and Burrill Phillips.

Hartley taught at colleges in 5 states and is now composer-in-residence and Professor Emeritus at State University College, Fredonia, NY; he also taught piano and composition at Interlochen from 1956 to 1964.

His music has been played by leading orchestras, bands, ensembles, and soloists around the world, and much of his music has entered the standard literature, particularly for saxophone and low brass. Dr. Hartley's music has earned many commissions and prizes, and much of it is commercially recorded.

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494-00415 A PSALM CYCLE for Medium Voice, Flute, and Piano ... $18.95
494-00392 CONCERTINO for Tuba & Band ... $65.00
RECORDED on Mark Records by John Turk, tuba; Cambridge (OH) High School Symphony Band, Max W. Treier, director
494-00110 CONCERTINO for Tuba & Piano Reduction ... $21.99
494-00046 CONCERTO for Alto Sax & Piano Reduction ... $19.95
CONCERTO for Alto Sax & Band ... rental
RECORDED on Silver Crest by Fred Hemke, saxophone; Fenton (IL) High School Band, John Paynter, conductor.
RECORDED on Silver Crest by Randall Missmore, saxophone; West Virginia University Wind Ensemble, Don Wilcox, conductor.
RECORDED on Golden Crest by Donald Sinta, saxophone; Ithaca College Band, Walter Beeler, conductor on Golden Crest CRS 4077
YOUTUBE by the University of Illinois Wind Symphony with soloist Greg Rife
NYSSMA contest list
494-02663 DUET FOR SAXOPHONES ... $12.95
Set of two scores
RECORDED on De Profundis, by Jay Easton on subcontrabass saxophones.
          Audio Excerpt from Mvt. 1
          Audio Excerpt from Mvt. 3
494-00431 DUET for Flute & Tuba ...  $9.95
Set of two scores
RECORDED on Golden Crest by Andrew Lolya flute, Harvey Phillips tuba
494-00047 DUO for Alto Saxophone & Piano ... $16.95
RECORDED on Mark Records by Donald Sinta
RECORDED on Golden Crest by Dale Underwood
RECORDED on ACA Digital (now Albany)
2012 NYSSMA contest list
YOUTUBE by Erik Donough
494-02543 ELEGY 2001 for Alto Sax (or E.Hn or Mezzo-sop. Sax) & Piano ... $9.95
494-00008 FOUR SKETCHES for Flute & Piano ... $14.95
YOUTUBE by Dylan Younger flute and Cristiano Rizzotto piano
494-02741 HEAVENLY UNION for Flute, Soprano Sax (or Clarinet), and Piano (or Harp) ... $12.95
494-00404 MEDITATION for Horn & Piano ... $9.95
494-02740 MY SHEPHERD'S SACRED THRONE for Alto Saxophone & Organ ... $12.95
494-02739 OUTDOOR MUSIC for Saxophone Quartet ... $14.95
Audio Excerpt
494-00049 POEM for Tenor Sax & Piano ... $7.95
RECORDED on Open Loop Records by Steven Mauk saxophone
RECORDED on Golden Crest by James Houlik saxophone
RECORDED on Brewster Records by Fred Hemke saxophone
YOUTUBE by Steven Olson
493-00005 PRELUDE AND FANFARE for Organ ... $8.95
493-00379 QUARTET FOR BRASS (1979) ... $14.95
494-00170 QUINTET FOR BRASS ... $45.99
494-00178 SINFONIA NO. 3 for Brass Choir ... $29.95
RECORDED on Mark Records by Fredonia Brass Choir, C. Rudolph Emilson, conductor
494-00388 SONATA for Flute & Harpsichord ... 12.95
RECORDED on Coronet Records by James Pellerite and Wallace Hornibrook
494-00111 SONATA for Tuba & Piano ... $18.95
RECORDED on Coronet Records by Robert LeBlanc tuba
RECORDED by Mark Records by David Zerkel tuba
YOUTUBE of the Zerkel CD
494-00395 SONATA BREVE for solo Bass Trombone ... $8.95
Now available in a newly-engraved edition
RECORDED on Crystal Records by Jeffrey Reynolds
RECORDED on Silver Crest by Fred Boyer
YOUTUBE by Matyas Veer
494-01420 SONATA ELEGIACA for Alto Sax & Piano ... $14.95
494-00375 SONATA EUPHONICA for Euphonium & Piano ... $17.95
RECORDED on Polyphonic Reproductions by Steven Mead euphonium
RECORDED on Mark Records by Barry Kilpatrick
YOUTUBE by David Werden
494-00391 SONATA NO. 2 for Piano ... 14.95
494-02742 SONATA NO. 3 for Tuba & Piano ... $16.95
494-01419 SONATINA GIOCOSA for Bass Sax (or String Bass or Tuba) & Piano ... $19.95
RECORDED by Jay Easton on the De Profundis label.
Audio Excerpt from Mvt. 1
Audio Excerpt from Mvt. 3, Quodlibet (how many quotes can you recognize?)
494-00048 SONG (from Southern Tier Suite) for Alto Sax & Piano ... $7.95
RECORDED on Coronet Records by George Wolfe saxophone
494-00066 SONORITIES II for Horn & Piano ... $9.95
RECORDED on Crystal Records by Calvin Smith horn
494-00088 SONORITIES III for Trombone & Piano ... $9.95
494-00400 SONORITIES V for Trumpet & Organ ... $9.95
494-00401 SONORITIES VI for Bassoon & Harpsichord ... $9.95
195-00006 SOUTHERN TIER SUITE ... $75.00 (complete set)
RECORDED on Mark Records by the Fredonia Symphonic Band, Herbert L. Harp, conductor
YOUTUBE of Joe Busuito conducting the SUNY-Fredonia Symphonic Band
195-00006F SOUTHERN TIER SUITE ...$15.00 (full score)
195-00006P SOUTHERN TIER SUITE ...$4.00 (extra parts, each)
494-00601 SUITE FOR DIVERSE TRUMPETS for Mixed Trumpet Ensemble ... $14.95
494-02683 SUITE NO. 2 for Saxophone Quartet (SATB) ... $18.95
YOUTUBE by John Page, Karen Murphy, Chris Mitchell, Chris Morreau
494-01235 TRIO FOR SAXOPHONES (A.T.B.) ... $15.95
494-02674 TRIO-MINATURES for Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, and Piano ... $14.95
YOUTUBE by Washington Musica Viva
494-00112 TUBA ROSE (POLKA) for Tuba & Piano ... $11.95
494-00089 TWO PIECES for Euphonium & Piano ... $9.95
RECORDED on Mark Records by Barry Kilpatrick euphonium

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