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PAUL HAMILL was born June 10, 1930, in Tobyhanna, PA and graduated from Boston University. He earned an MFA from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.

In 1948, as a freshman at Boston University, Mr. Hamill was appointed organist and choirmaster of Copley Methodist Church, Boston. He later taught choral music at Woodmere Academy on Long Island, NY.  He next accepted the position of music editor of the American Book Co. in New York, later advancing to the position of managing editor of the company. While at American Book, he produced educational LP recordings at Columbia Records for 3 major music series.

In 1976, Paul Hamill and his wife Elinor founded Gemini Press, and in 1978, he was appointed editor-in-chief of Summy-Birchard Music.

The Hamills built a vacation home in Otis Wood Lands, MA, and in 1980 decided to continue their publishing projects from Otis.  Subsequently, he was hired as organist at South Congregational Church in Pittsfield and served there for four years, retiring in 1985. He was later asked to be organist and choirmaster of St. James' Church in Great Barrington, his home church.

Mr. Hamill authored and produced 21 annual editions of the CHURCH MUSIC HANDBOOK before his death in 2003. He has more than 100 published works represented in several music catalogs.

Original Compositions by Paul Hamill available from GEMINI PRESS, now TENUTO PUBLICATIONS:
392-00968 A CALL TO PRAISE for SATB Chorus & Organ with 3 Bb Trumpets ... 1.45  
392-00749 ADVENT CAROL for SATB Chorus & Keyboard ... 1.25
392-01138 BLESS THIS CHILD (BLESS THESE CHILDREN)  for SATB Chorus & Keyboard ... 1.25
392-01063 BREATHE ON ME, BREATH OF GOD for SATB Chorus & Organ ... 1.60
392-00947 FIVE LESSER JOYS OF MARY for SATB Chorus & Organ, opt. Handbells ... 1.60
392-00316 GIVING THANKS for Unison Chorus, Keyboard,  opt. extra instruments ... 1.75
392-01074 SING PRAISE for SATB Chorus & Organ ... 1.50
392-01094 THE DAWNING for SATB Chorus & Organ ... 1.70
392-01064 THOU ART GOD for 2-part Chorus, Organ, and optional Brass ... 1.45
493-00095 THREE MINIATURES for Organ ... 6.95 
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HYMNS FOR THE JOURNEY (492-00043) ... 3.50

Arrangements by Paul Hamill available from GEMINI PRESS, now TENUTO PUBLICATIONS:


HALLELUJAH (Ben-Uri) for SATB Chorus, Flute, Guitar, and String Bass ...    1.60
392-00321    HALLELUJAH (Ben-Uri) for SSA Chorus, Flute, Guitar, and String Bass ... 1.60
392-00893  MY SHEPHERD IS THE LIVING GOD (Southern Harmony) 
     for SATB Chorus & opt. Keyboard ... 1.60
392-00328 SING A RAINBOW (Hamilton) for SSA Chorus & Piano ... 1.60
392-00341   SING A RAINBOW (Hamilton) for SATB Chorus & Piano ... 1.60
392-01028 THE CALL for SATB Chorus & Keyboard (Vaughan Williams) ... 1.65
392-00430  WERE YOU THERE? (Spiritual) for SATB Chorus & Keyboard ... 1.60
392-01099   WHEN JESUS WEPT (Billings) for SAB Chorus & Organ ... 1.25
392-01038  WONDROUS CROSS (Southern Harmony) for SATB Chorus ... 1.25

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